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What PRIME™3.0 model is about?

PRIME™3.0  is a complete end to end methodology and professional tools for procurement category management, developed in 2015 by Goodman’s experts. Over the past 5 years, the method has evolved from a version intended solely for category strategy developing to version 3.0 which consists the full spectrum of category management (end to end).

PRIME™3.0 includes 3 key elements an 7 major steps (course parts):

  • PRIME category management IMPLEMENTATION, designed for CPOs, Procurement Management and Category Managers to make category management happen in your organization
  • PRIME category management STRATEGY, designed for Category Managers and Category Buyers to support them and improve skills for efficient category strategy developing process
  • PRIME category management DAY To DAY, nominated for Category Managers and Category Buyers to help in daily category management, equipping them with a set of tools and techniques.

To achieve best results for your company and yourself we recommend participating in all PRIME trainings because it’s a continuity process and you will be able to understand all aspects regards to Category Management. But you are allow to select the best element for you purpose as make a course separately as well.

Category Management Importance and Key Course Goal

An effective category management process can deliver great benefits to an organization. It usually leads to significant savings, reduced risk and it can reveal other sources of value and innovation from the supply base. In order to succeed in category management, you will require an effective process to do it.

Category management is a continuous process and should be consider only as an End to End approach because only in that way can deliver right level of benefits. End to end category management process by Goodman Group is divided in to 3 key components:

  1. Category Management Process Implementation. Rules and principles requested to successful CM implementation.
  2. Category Strategy Developing & implementation. Step by step efficient process of category strategy developing.
  3. Category Day to Day Management. Category Manager’s tools and responsibilities for day to day category management.

Based on such approach you will be able to implement CM process in the right way, category managers will develop efficient strategies and will be able to manage category in a proper way every day.

This course introduces the very efficient approach that maximizes value from procurement by combining traditional techniques, with newer tools, techniques and approaches and will take you through all end to end steps.