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Program consists 16 hours course divided into 4  webinars. Each webinar takes 4 hours from 7pm CET to 10pm CET (UTC+01) .


A Category Strategy is a fundamental element of end to end category management process. This is the vision of the future state across all functions relating to the relevant category. By this training you will be able to develop powerful and efficient category strategy.

This element consists 5 steps process as follow:

  • PLAN – where we focus mainly on internal analysis related to the specific category, where we develop a definition of the category (in/scope. Put/scope), where profiling of the category, business requirements collection and stakeholders mapping is conducted. In addition to above, communication plan, buying channels analysis, process planning and quick wins management are in place
  • REVIEW & ANALYSE – key elements of this step is spend analysis for relevant category and market intelligence analysis. We teach participants how to provide such analysis and how to interpret results. Beside, cost analysis, price analysis, supply chain verification, procurement levers analysis, technology roadmap are in scope of this step.
  • IDENTIFY AN IDEA – this is a key component of this course covering end to end process of ideas generation. We will share with you powerful method you can use for this purpose and explain the most efficient tools supporting strategic options generation process as well. Besides you will be able to develop your own strategy, make a risk analysis and know a methods to convince stakeholders to follow your proposal.
  • MOVE THE IDEA FORWARD – in this step you will find a principle to make a strategy happen. You will be able to implement each category strategy.
  • EVALUATE & IMPROVE – this step was designed for continuous improvement of your strategy and include such steps like: feedback management, lessons learned register and more.

This PRIME™   3.0    element is organized into 4   webinars, 4   hours each.








PRIME™  3.0  model consists more than 40   procurement tools (Excel calculator, matrix, template).
The model Includes for example:

  • Opportunity Analysis (OA)
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Team Roles Tool
  • Stakeholders Mapping
  • Kraljic Matric
  • Business Requirements via RAQSCI
  • Business Requirements via VIPER
  • Business Requirements via Category Maturity Tool
  • Project Communication Tool
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Supplier Profile Analysis
  • Ideas Generation Process
  • Category Localization Matrix
  • Strategic Option Recommendation
  • Feedback Sheet
  • Lessons learned register
  • Supplier Perception Analysis
  • Category Profiling Tool
  • Day One Analysis
  • Goodman CM Box
  • Procurement Opportunity Triangle
  • Procurement Octagon
  • Sourcing Gemstone


Three PRIME™ certificates at the end:

  • Category Management Strategy

certyfications prime category management


We use Cisco Webex Meeting to conduct international webinar’s.

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  • System: Most current systems – Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, iOS 6+, Android 5.0 and higher,
  • Internet: Preferably a high speed wired connection. Many wireless internet connections are also sufficient, though connectivity may fluctuate during the live event.
  • Browser’s: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chromium.
  • Audio: Computer speakers, headphones, or earbuds that are compatible with your computer.
  • Webcam: You’ll need a webcam to participate in a webinar. If your computer or mobile device doesn’t have an integrated camera, you’ll need a external webcam that you can plug into your device.

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Daniel Matela Category ManagementDaniel Matela – Experienced Procurement Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the production, FMCG and Pharma companies. Skilled in category management, negotiation, pricing strategy, strategic planning, procurement and project procurement management. He began his career over 15 years ago at the financial group Aviva (formerly Commercial Union). As a procurement specialist he gained experience at CEDC International where he was responsible for 8 purchasing categories. At Imperial Brands Ltd. as a Procurement Coordinator and Manager he supervised and implemented a global procurement policy, strategy and structures on the local level and was responsible for Indirect Categories in the Region. He was a Global Sourcing Manager at Mondelez International responsible for Capex category and processing equipment. Currently he is a Manager Capex Equipment at GlaxoSmithKline and Subject Matter Expert supporting implementation of category management process. From 2016, Senior Consultant and Trainer at Goodman, from 2018, Vice President of the Board of GOODMAN GROUP Sp. z o. o. as an expert in strategic procurement, category management and project management. Strong operations professional with a postgraduate focused in Procurement in Business from High School of Banking, University of Communication and Management in Poznań (Economics) and University of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Law and Administration). University lecturer at post-graduate studies at High School of Banking in Poznań, Toruń and Chorzów. Award winner “Procurement Leader 2017”. Speaker and Keynote speaker during Procurement conferences.


By the end of the training, participants will thus have a solid practical understanding of this increasingly important procurement area.

Benefits and Objectives from PRIME™3.0 “Category Management Strategy” course:

  • You will be able to develop strong and efficient category strategy
  • You will be able to use and implement the most popular and powerful procurement tools
  • You’ll learn how to engage the most important stakeholders and manage them
  • You will understand and learn how to collect the business requirements
  • We will get an advance knowledge about supply market research process.
  • You will be able to create, design, measure and implement strategic options
  • You will be able to implement category strategy and keep in on track
  • We will share with you best practices for category strategy presentation and getting approval


  • CPO;
  • Procurement, Purchasing, Sourcing Directors;
  • Procurement Managers / Management;
  • Category Managers;
  • Strategic Sourcing Managers;
  • Category Buyers;
  • Supply Chain Managers;
  • Supplier Relationship Managers;
  • Procurement staff on all levels in the company.












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Our Clients Reviews & Testimonials

“I am very happy to issue recommendations for GOODMAN GROUP. The negotiation training was conducted in English. The entire group of European buyers who took part in this training were impressed by the trainer’s knowledge, examples and exercises we discussed. The company showed full professionalism in terms of training, which in 100% met our expectations … I recommend GOODMAN GROUP as a reliable and recommendable partner, if we want to re-train in procurement area we will definitely use the services of this company. “

„Passion, professionalism and a friendly approach. A large dose of useful practical knowledge. Performance in front of the camera – priceless! With great pleasure I can recommend the training and the person leading. „

„Great training. It opens the eyes how important are the elements that did not pay attention to the day of training. Practical exercises with video analysis of behavior during negotiations are a hit. It would be nice to have a few more days of practice :). It systematizes knowledge very well (also previously acquired experience) and teaches how to use it consciously. „

„… we would like to thank Mr Grzegorz Olechniewicz, the trainer, who from the very beginning of the cooperation showed an extraordinary commitment to the preparation of the training workshop and his expert knowledge and practical experience translated into visible effects after the workshop. Therefore, for all these obvious reasons, we would like to recommend the company’s consulting and training services as well as the trainer itself … „

„Thank you very much for the really interesting training, the issues and ravels raised for the meeting gave me a different view of some situations and behaviors. The training was valuable to me, but now after the analysis I had even more questions than before. I believe that such training should be carried out by every buyer to understand his profession (what is the goal and how to achieve it) „

„Participating in the two-day training” Procurement and negotiations in business „was a very useful time for me. The training was focused on gaining practical skills that I can successfully use in my everyday work.
The theoretical part supported by interesting exercises and numerous examples. Mr. Grzegorz shares his knowledge with enthusiasm and comprehensively answers the questions of the audience. I definitely recommend this training to anyone who wants to improve their negotiating skills. „

„I have been looking for a professional training for the staff dealing with the shopping area for a long time. I participated in the training „Procurement and Negotiations in Business”, which took place in June in Sopot from June 23-24 this year. I came back very happy. My task was to make GOODMAN GROUP perfectly match the training program for the needs of Purchasing Departments. In an interesting and transparent way, supported by specific examples and very useful exercises, the role of negotiator and buyer in the company was discussed. Negotiation techniques and merchant areas such as Sourcing, tenders and contracts were discussed. During the training, each of the participants could see themselves in the recording session, which allows to objectively assess the level of their skills later. I would recommend. Negotiations never enough, the topics to improve the purchasing staff are many. I will use the next Goodman trainings in the future „