Open trainings: open trainings are organized in open groups for all students interested in development of own skills. Open training give you opportunity to look at your own day to day work from a different perspective, and with trainer support you can improve your skills. You have a chance also to compare your skills with people working in other organizations.

Consultant workshops: when you work on strategic solutions for the company or develop new or modify existing concepts, support from outside the company becomes useful. We can help you or your team with strategy, processes, projects and other business challenges quickly and efficiently developing satisfactory solutions.

Closed training / customized (indoor & outdoor): closed training in GOODMAN is an individually customized training for your company for your specific needs and requirements. Each of our closed trainings is supported by analysis of the company management expectations and each student needs. Based on to such approach, our clients can be sure that the training program, presented examples, simulation games, training materials will be in line with company profile and requirements. The companies that have choose our customized trainings have been cooperating with us for years.

Individual training: You have no team in your company? you occupy an individual position? you do not like open training? you think that the closed training is not for you? But still you would like to improve your skills? Individual trainings is for you! Please select type of training, check free dates of our trainers and we can arrange individual session for you. We will arrived for you directly.